Photo Stats for 2006

With Exposureplot (Freeware) you get statistics about your photo collection. Exposureplot reads the focal length, aperture, ISO and shutter speed from your photos and shows a statistics for each masurement.

What I learnt about my photos (stats for the 9.700 “selected” photos from 2006)

  • ISO Settings
    • 40% were taken at ISO 50/100
    • 18% at ISO 200
    • 15% at ISO 400
    • 10% at ISO 800
    • 8% at ISO 1600
  • Apertures
    • 25% had an aperture of f/2.8 (due to my favorite lens (Nikkor AF-S 17-55 f/2.8) and that’s also the largest aperture of the Canon S70)
  • Focal Lengths (calculated for 35mm equivalents)
    • 42% had a focal range between 18mm and 28mm
    • 25% between 32mm and 64mm
    • 25% had 80mm (the long end of the 17-55)
    • 9% with 128mm (the 85mm/f1.8)
    • 3% with 184mm
  • Shutter Speeds
    • Most used speed is 1/30s (10%), followed by 1/60s and 1/40s
    • 22% of the exposure times are between 1/10s and 1/30s
    • Some 55% of all photos have exposure times between 1/10s and 1/100s (combined with f/2.8 and higher ISO settings these look like the usual values for a photographer that favours available light over dead-flashed situations 🙂 )

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